The Soul of A Boerboel

Here is one of the most important Boerboel photographs that I have ever taken.

I have a ton of impressive photos on my phone of our Boerboels… some of the photos are even stunning and make people go ‘wow!’ Some even have impressive trophies and awards…and we are grateful for all of them.

But this photo here is one of the most important of all. Because this photo captures the Soul of the Boerboel.

This photo shows Egoli Betty out with our daughter at Egoli Ranch. When Opal is out exploring the land, Betty absolutely will not leave her side…ever.

When I came up over the hill on my tractor and saw the two of them laying down by the pond, Betty immediately got extremely excited to see me as she absolutely loves to jump up on the tractor with me. Opal & Betty started to get up, but I told Opal to stop right where she was.

Then I turned off the tractor and told Opal not to move and not to say a word; then I started to call Betty to me… she jumped up and ran about 20 yards and then stopped on a dime when she realized Opal hadn’t gotten up. I kept calling her but she turned back and went to stay with Opal…and it was very distressing to Betty to not come to me, but she held true to her natural purpose all the same.

Betty then laid back down with Opal and wouldn’t leave her side and that is the photo that you see here.

Our first two Boerboels were exactly the same way… natural, balanced, best friends & family guardians. In fact, that is why we began breeding Boerboels in the first place.

The Soul of the Boerboel is immeasurably more important than any wall of show ring trophies could ever be…more important than any appraisal score could ever be…and more important than any physical big headed mass of muscles could ever be.

Not everyone will agree, and that is perfectly fine. We can appreciate and congratulate each other’s Boerboels even if they are not our exact personal preference…or at least, we certainly should be able to do that. But, that is a topic for another time…

For now, I will simply state that for us…for my family…the Soul of the Boerboel is paramount.

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