Middelpos Duke

Middelpos Duke

Middelpos Duke 86.4% SABBS

Grasland Lofty 90.3% x Middelpos Trix 89.5%

1st Place Males 0-3 Months — Kirkwood, South Africa
1st Place Males 3-6 Months — Kirkwood, South Africa
2nd Place Males 6-9 Months — Rivermonster, South Africa
1st Place Males 12-18 Months — Cradock Regionals, South Africa
Junior Reserve Champion Male — Kirkwood, South Africa
Junior Reserve Champion Male — Cradock Regionals, South Africa

Middelpos Duke was born in South Africa on March 18, 2011… and he did not come from humble beginnings. Duke is the son of Grasland Lofty and Middelpos Trix, who is a World Champion and an absolute legend in the South African Boerboel breed. Duke’s DNA nicked together just right, and he consistently produces truly excellent offspring. Duke is a muscled powerhouse weighing in at 162 pounds, yet he possesses great agility and effortless movement. He is an old world Boerboel showing extreme clarity and focus with a perfect temperament. His offspring includes: Egoli Topaz 89.5%, Egoli Trix 89.2% and far, far too many others to list.

Middelpos Duke
Middelpos Duke