The Egoli Boerboel stud was founded back in 1982 although breeding started in 1979. We use the pointing system for dogs as applied by the Historical Boerboel association of South Africa (HBSA) which is much stricter than the SABT. Mr. Lucas van der Merwe, President of the HBSA and senior judge had this to say at the annual general meeting: “I am jealous of the quality of the Egoli dogs. It is crystal clear that careful selection is done from the cream of the crop. Undoubtedly the best bloodline in the country”. Mr. van der Merwe is highly rated both as senior judge, and as a reputable breeder of Boerboels in South Africa over the past 32 years.

A potential breeder went to a Boerboel auction awhile ago and afterwards said to us: “If only Egoli Boerboels could have brought Egoli Magnum or Egoli Simson to the auction they would have had a standing ovation”.


                                “Only the very best is good enough!!”

Bankfontein Maybe (82%)

Although still young, he performs well! We have used him with 6 of our “LADIES”. Each of the latter boasts 10 (5 male and 5 female) puppies respectively. X-rays confirm his exceptionally strong hips. We are extremely proud of this true champion with his fine temperament, build and other positive qualities. During the past year many champions have come forth on appraisal that have been sired by him.

Egoli Majoor (85%)

Many of the leading and traditional breeders are of the opinion that Majoor’s equal still has to be seen.

Egoli Simson (85%) 

This exquisite young dog is the son of Bankfontein Maybe and Egoli Maggie. He is one of South Africa’s top males.

Egoli Magnum (86%) – 3 yrs old

Is generally accepted as the best build male in South Africa today.

Egoli Kolos (82%) (Champion Breeding Dog)

Like father like son! 

His proud carriage/stance reflects the quality of the material KOLOS breeds: strong, self confident dogs and fantastic bitches. We mated Kolos with his mother, Egoli Sonja, to ensure that there are no latent generic defects in our dogs. The result was that we registered 2 excellent champion dogs. Not one of the 6 offspring had a single dominant defect/weakness. NOW THAT IS WHAT WE CALL GOOD BREEDING!!

Egoli Sonja – 16 years old

This gracious old lady’s outstanding temperament had ensured that her offspring are much sought after worldwide!! At the ripe old age of 13 years, Sonja produced her final litter of 8 puppies and raised all of them tenderly. Her excellent maternal characteristics are present in all her daughters. As can be seen on her photograph, she takes age in her stride and doesn’t seem to grow “old”. This characteristic should be present in her offspring which is a boon for their owners! Her puppies presented for registration, score very good marks when assessed. She produced a large number of stately champions too!!

Recent X-Rays underline that her superior hips are passed on to her puppies – therefore there is no reason to worry about hip displasia. 

Steyn Lindie – 18 years old (Mother of Egoli Sonja)

At this high age she is still running well and has no problem in jumping on the back of a delivery van. This is proof of her excellent hip condition and strong bone structure.


Place of origin:South Africa
Original functionFamily guardian
Average life span:12 years
Height:64-68cm dogs, 60-68 bitches
Weight:55-85kg dogs, bitches proportionally lighter
Is the breed a natural guard dog:Yes
Attitude to strangers:Reserved
Coat type:Short and dense.
Colours:Brindle, fawn, yellow, red, brown, (a black mask is preferred)
Does coat mat or tangle?No
Special trimming for show ring:No
Coat maintenance:Easy. Regular brush.
Is professional grooming needed:No
Exercise:Moderate for its size
Adult quantities for dry food:From 700gm
Ease of training:Very responsive
Good family dog?Yes
With dogs:If properly socialized
With cats:If properly socialized
Town or country?Country
Adapt to flat?Yes, provided adequately exercised
Live in a kennel if necessary?Yes
Does the breed suffer from cold, heat or wet?No