Egoli Clara

Egoli Clara 87.4% SABBS

Egoli Magnus 90.4% x Egoli Pixie 86.8%

Grand Champion Female of the Day — Chrissies Meer, South Africa
2nd Place Females 12-18 Months — Cradock, South Africa
1st Place Females 24+ Months — Chrissies Meer, South Africa
Senior Champion Female — Chrissies Meer, South Africa

Egoli Clara was born in South Africa on July 18th, 2013 and is a very strong dog, both physically and mentally. Phenomenal topline, great stance and superb confidence… she is strong in every way imaginable, including her personality. Clara loves to be shown affection and she will return it all day long; but she is a true South African Boerboel… she loves her family, and she will not hesitate to protect them. Clara is very well balanced in all areas. She is an old world Boerboel.